Atticus Digital: Specialist mounting kit.

Atticus Digital

Working for Atticus Digital, Source built a bespoke, fully adjustable mounting kit for a specialist camera, designed to withstand use in extreme marine environments.

At very short notice, Source built Atticus Digital a mounting kit for a specialist camera which was designed for use in extreme marine environments. It consisted of various adjustable parts as we were unsure what the exact mounting height of the equipment would be. Atticus Digital are very pleased with the service received, and the flexibility of the product Source supplied.

Ben Walsh

Atticus Digital, experts in virtual reality, 3D animation, video production, web and app development, approached Source with a problem.

They had been developing cutting edge video technology and needed a bespoke camera mounting kit durable enough to withstand extreme marine environments.

The mount also needed to be fully adjustable as the fixing height was unknown; this was new technology that hadn’t been tested before.

We needed to design a part that was strong enough to withstand a fall into the sea without detaching from the helmet or the camera system whilst being fully adjustable to suit different users and applications.

316 grade Stainless Steel was the most suitable material for this project with its excellent corrosion resistance properties, especially where resistance to salt spray is essential.

As this is an ever growing, fast paced, competitive environment exact details of the product cannot be disclosed.

The key focus around this product was the need for adjustment. The mounting kit we supplied also adds to the longevity of the product, giving Atticus Digital the ability to use their camera system in almost any application.

Atticus Digital were very pleased with the finished product and service provided by Source.