Design and Development

Whether you need assistance with product design & development or have a problem that needs solving, we can help take it from the drawing board to production

Our highly skilled and creative team have designed a number of innovative and patented product features that have added value or made our customer's products market leaders in performance. However, it's not just product design where we excel, we have also developed new production processes that reduce manufacturing costs and improve quality.

Quality and cost saving start in the design process. Small changes to a product in form, material selection or manufacturing process may not affect the functionality, but they can make big savings in the final product cost. We manufacture as well as design and develop products, so we have an outstanding understanding of how to do this. Experience has shown us that looking at the whole process from the early stages not only keeps costs down, but can avoid unnecessary delays and problems when it comes to production.

So, whether developing a concept, solving a problem or producing a prototype we bring our knowledge of materials and production methods to turn your idea into a reality. We are flexible and happy to work with either technical drawings or rough sketches. In the past we have developed parts and products from vague sketches and even telephone conversations!

We work closely to build relationships with your development or sales team, whether producing prototypes, developing ideas or undertaking joint customer visits, we know we can help make your product a success.

We are more than a supplier; we are your design & development partner.