We are a manufacturer of precision metal parts, components and assemblies. From low volume specials through to mass production, we can help.

We specialise in the precision pressing and forming of stainless steel and have over 20 years experience manufacturing with this difficult to process material.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility. Whether you need one or two special items, a production run of a few thousand pieces or a million parts and more, we can help develop the best type of tooling and method of production to meet your quality expectations, timescales and budget. All this is done on site so if a product takes off, we can support you all the way.

From simple hand presses for low volumes through to high speed, precision presses capable of 1500 strokes per minute, we can manufacture your product efficiently and effectively. We also build special purpose machines for custom products that may require feeding, assembling, applying adhesive, coating or other operations that can't be performed in a press tool.

We have built up a fantastic knowledge and experience of precision pressing and forming of stainless steel and this is an area in which we specialise. We also work with brass, copper, spring steels and various alloys and tool steels.

As well as precision metal pressing and forming we also have many years of experience in powder coating, adhesive tapes, plating and assembly work.

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EDM Wire eroding

We offer a subcontract EDM Wire Eroding service for complex forms at high accuracy in hard materials.

Powder Coating

Applied in a single coating, polyester powder provides a smooth uniform finish with excellent resistance to heat, light, UV damage and weathering.


We know that when you are selecting your manufacturing partner, quality is one of the key factors that will influence your decision.