About Us

We have been designing, developing and manufacturing precision stainless steel parts and components since 1992.

In those 24 years the company has gone from strength to strength, building and maintaining a huge amount of experience and knowledge across all aspects of our business. Something that in turn, really benefits our customers.  We are continuing to develop that knowledge by training the next generation of engineering & toolmaking apprentices ensuring that our business continues to thrive into the future.

We are always looking to move forward and continually improve, whether it is product improvement or developing production processes. We stay competitive and improve quality by developing new production techniques, automating processes and investing in the best equipment - from EDM wirers for the tool room through to Swiss made high speed/high precision presses for the press shop.

Rather than just a supplier, we like to be seen as a partner. We build long term relationships with our customers and become a part of your design and development team. We know that if we can design, develop or manufacture a component or product that is a success for you, we can share in that success.