We can design and manufacture production tooling in-house, or refurbish, modify and even run your existing tooling.

Our highly skilled and experienced team of toolmakers design and manufacture the specialist tooling we use in-house. From simple patterns for hand presses to complex multistage progression tooling designed to be run at speed.

We run a well equipped toolroom, with EDM wirers (capable of 4 axis and narrow gauge wiring), EDM rapid hole starter (0.3mm to 3mm diameter), CNC mills & more. 

Using our production experience and knowledge, we can optimise the tool layout and adapt tooling and production processes to provide the lowest cost per part whilst maintaining high quality standards. 

If you have existing tooling we can refurbish it, modify and even run it for you. All this is carried out in-house to provide the best service possible and minimise downtime and disruption.

We can also design and build special purpose machines to manufacture and assemble your products or components. We can either run the machines here or transfer them to your own premises.

Contact us to see how we can match our services to your requirements.